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Easy Pre-Made Fall Meals

Whenever November rolls around and we get back into our cool weather routines, schedules can become busy with school activities, homework, and work schedules. We are always surprised by how complicated it can be to find the time to do something as simple and as necessary as preparing a nutritious meal. Luckily Cow-op has a handful of incredible folks who provide prepared meals that just need to be warmed up and served. We’re talking cabbage rolls, hand pies, pot pies, mac n’ cheese, empanadas, lasagnas, soups and more. Plenty of gluten-free and vegan options too, all made right here in the Cowichan Valley.

Did you know that cabbage rolls have historical roots in many cultures? Egyptian, Polish, Romanian, Jewish, Ukranian, and Scandinavian cultures all have variations on this traditional dish. In fact, you can look for ‘cabbage rolls’ in virtually any culture and find a familiar and delicious looking dish!  It is easy to understand why; cabbage rolls with its blend of sweet, sour and savory flavours, is the very definition of comfort food. Its the dish that would be shared at family gatherings and the recipe that would be handed down through the generations.

This dish would adapt to what was being locally grown and harvested at that time – carrots, onions, garlic, grains, spices and maybe even some minced meat depending on the region. Also, unwashed cabbage heads could be stored well in root cellars for several months after harvest, making this a dish that could be relied upon through the winter months and into the early spring.

You can find delicious cabbage rolls on Cow-op’s shop page from local food processors Farm Table Inn and Thorsten’s Authentic Food, both located right here in the Cowichan Valley! Each offers a unique take on cabbage rolls and is a perfect option for a nutritious weeknight family dinner or to serve for holiday entertaining. This warm and comforting meal pairs well with braised greens, mashed root vegetables or fresh salad for a lighter side dish. Don’t forget the organic dinner rolls from True Grain Bread!

To support Cowichan Valley’s local farmers and food processors shop on You will find ready made meals, local produce, sustainably raised meats, fresh baked goods and more and you can have your order conveniently delivered right to your door!